Mardi Gras Music

  • Carnival has played a pivotal role in nurturing what is now widely recognized as New Orleans’ unique gift to the world and its most valuable cultural resource: music.  Mardi Gras Music Radio is a shout-out to this incredibly rich tradition. Tune in via your desktop, tablet or mobile device!

    Mardi Gras Music Radio

    Mardi Gras Traditions subscribes to the notion that music is New Orleans’s unique gift to the world and its most valuable cultural resource. “In this city that holds so many roots of American song,” New York Times writer Jon Parales attests, “music is more than entertainment. It’s a ritual and a lifeline…”

    It’s also the essential draw for many first-time visitors: a powerful aphrodisiac that often inspires lifelong love affairs with the Crescent City’s ethereal mystique and abundant sensual charms.

    Mardi Gras Music Radio is a shout-out to Carnival’s pivotal role in helping make the birthplace of jazz arguably the greatest musical Mecca on the planet. “Carnival, by providing the audience, the money, and the forum in which to develop music and musicians, helped create the New Orleans music tradition,” historian Reid Mitchell, in his book All on a Mardi Gras Day: Episodes in the History of New Orleans Carnival (Harvard University Press, 1995), observes.

    Mardi Gras Music Radio aims to deepen the world’s appreciation for this incredibly rich tradition and help sustain the economic livelihoods of the artists who keep it going. Mardi Gras Traditions pays a monthly broadcast subscription fee to Live365, based on the amount of listener usage of Mardi Gras Music Radio. The more you listen the more Mardi Gras Traditions pays to Live365 and the more Live365 pays to the royalty collection organizations. Thus, we ask our audience to not only support sponsors of Mardi Gras Traditions and Mardi Gras Music Radio, but also to purchase the music of Louisiana musicians and hire them for gigs.

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