Parade Maps and Apps

In 2022, Mardi Gras happenings and parades begin on Twelfth Night (January 6) and run through Fat Tuesday (March 1). Never has it been easier to have vital information at your fingertips — and not just for the big float parades that draw most of the attention. Offbeat processions that often used to fly under the radar now enjoy visibility across a variety of media. Whether you’re looking to feast on the bounty or just avoid street closures and traffic snarls, having ready access to parade schedules, maps and real-time GPS tracking, is key. Be aware parades can be affected inclement weather, accidents and float breakdowns. Receive updates on delays and scheduling changes, courtesy of the City of New Orleans’ NOLA Ready Twitter account (#NOLAready), by texting MARDIGRAS to 888777. The following resources are also recommended:

WWL Parade Tracker

This app provides a complete schedule of parades in New Orleans and throughout Southeast Louisiana, along with real-time GPS tracking and parade info (theme, number of floats, throws, things to look out for and links to krewe web pages. Maps are scrollable and zoomable. For select parades, users can track not only the front of the parade but also the location of the last float. A service of New Orleans CBS affiliate WWL-TV, the Mardi Gras Parade Tracker also provides access to news and weather from within the app. Download it for free from Google Play (Android devices) or Apple’s App Store (iOS).

WDSU Parade Tracker

A game changer when first introduced for iOS in 2011, this tracker provides a schedule of parades in New Orleans and beyond, route maps, weather info and push notifications for important parade updates and route changes. Zoom in on the route maps to see key landmarks along with markets and restaurants. Brought to you by WDSU-TV, it can be downloaded for free from Google Play (Android devices) and Apple’s App Store (iOS).


This website from the city of New Orleans offers schedules, route maps and real-time GPS tracking of the lead and tail of East and West bank parades including the truck parades following Rex on Mardi Gras Day. One feature deserving of a bejeweled crown: users can view locations of public toilets put in place by the city for parades and special events. Routewise also shows first-aid stations and lost-child pickup locations. Click on the ‘My Location’ button to place a crosshair on the map, marking your current location. By copying and pasting the link into a text message, recipients will be able to see your location as a pin on the map.

Arthur Hardy’s Mardi Gras Guide

The venerable annual printed companion to the festivities, first published in 1977. Extensive krewe profiles/parade previews, including maps and detailed throw descriptions, plus news and features about happenings, personalities and traditions. The collectable guide and its eponymous publisher, known as the world’s foremost authority on Mardi Gras, are New Orleans institutions. During the Carnival season, catch Arthur Hardy on WVUE-TV. He also appears, in tandem with Peggy Scott Laborde and Errol Laborde, on WYES-TV’s Steppin’ Out “It’s Carnival Time,” which airs on February 10 at 7:30 p.m. and can also be seen on YouTube.

Essential rundown of New Orleans parades (East and West Bank), with descriptions nicely turned by Mardi Gras and arts/entertainment maven Doug MacCash. Included are not only mainstream float parades but more quirky endeavors such as Krewe Boheme, Krewe of Cork and krewedelusion. Sharable Google maps are provided for the shortened Standard St. Charles Avenue route, in effect for 2022 due to limited NOPD resources, as well as for the big parades not following that route (Endymion, Zulu). For parades whose route maps are not shown, there are links to krewe websites or Facebook pages. Parade Schedule

Comprehensive, user-friendly presentation, including an option to print, of schedule and maps for parades in New Orleans and many areas outside of the city including Metairie, Mandeville, Slidell, Covington, Chalmette, Madisonville and Pearl River. Use the handy calendar synch function for Android, Apple and other devices. Synch all parades or make selections based on location (New Orleans, Nearby Suburbs, Northshore, Outside New Orleans). Once downloaded, tap on a calendar entry to link to the parade map and info.